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Welcome to Dexter Pacific Corporation

Since 1985, Dexter Pacific has developed businesses across a broad spectrum of industries, cultures, and continents.

Dexter Pacific was initially founded in the summer of 1985 to develop trade between the US and China. From that initial concept an expanded perspective of creating business developed. Being immersed in the dawn of the globalization of trade, Dexter Pacific became adept at identifying markets for products and products for markets which were not limited to Sino-US trade but to an expanded network of trade within East and Southeast Asia.

Our concept of business development can begin at either end of the spectrum. One end begins with identifying and manufacturing a potential product or service and matching it to a market. The other end begins with identifying a market and developing and manufacturing the product for that market. Beginning at either end requires a unique marketing strategy to successfully carve a niche within that market and to create a solid path for growth.