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Business Development Services
business development

Once we have determined that, after thorough assessment, the product or service has value, we move forward - establishing a strategy and time line.

For manufacturing, we determine which company structure is best and with which the client is most comfortable - a wholly owned enterprise, joint venture, long term contract, short term contract, or other form. At this stage of the process, we also establish guidelines for the manufacturing facility. The best geographical location is determined, as well as the facility's ability to produce everything in-house and any additional need for technicians and quality control personnel for oversight.

The marketing strategy is largely dependent on the product or service to be marketed. Before determining the most effective ratio of an organized sales effort and advertising campaign, we ask:
Who is the end-user?
What is the market segment?
Is the product a raw material, a semi-finished or finished product, or a component of a finished product?
Is the product or service one that is ultimately used by retail consumers?

A sound marketing plan will include the right balance of sales and advertising for the product or service.