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Business Development Services
business development

Once our new business idea is conceived, it is assessed for market viability.

In the development of a new product, the manufacturing aspect is first carefully considered - identifying qualified factories, analyzing and comparing factory capabilities, limitations and cost structures in order to determine which are suitable candidates for our particular project. We also consider their location and the logistics of routing raw materials to the factory and ultimately the product from the factory to market.

In creating a marketing strategy, we first quantify and qualify the product or service within its target market. At this stage we ask:
What is the total volume produced locally?
What is the total volume of imports (when applicable)?
What is the total volume sold in the target market?
Who are the competitors and what is their market share?
Are there other potential competitors?
Who are the customers?
What are the hurdles to market entry?
Does our product or service have an advantage over the competitors' products or services - in cost, quality, distribution, etc.?

After collecting market data and satisfying our questions, we analyze it in order to determine if the project has enough value to proceed.